About Us

The Kelly Fitzgibbons Foundation Shop is an outsourced facility managed and operated by Hambleside Merchandise Ltd, our merchandise partners.

To visit The Kelly Fitzgibbons Foundation website please follow this link

Hambleside is a specialist distributor of branded merchandise providing a range of services for clients including consultancy and advice, product sourcing and production management, supply chain management, ecommerce facilities and fulfilment.

Hambleside Merchandise Ltd is based in the UK.


For further information please contact: 
Tel: +44 (0)23 9235 4960
Email: orders@h-merch.co.uk
Web: www.hambleside-merchandise.co.uk
Address: 3 Lancer House, Hussar Court, Westside View, Waterlooville, Hampshire, UK PO7 7SE
Registered in England no. 4933881
VAT no. 823 3955 22